Anxiety, worry and stress

This video talks you through some of the different ways anxiety, worry and stress can feel like mentally and physically.

There are a number of different ways hypnotherapy can help you with anxiety, worry and stress. Almost always this will involve some form of hypnosis to relax you. Then it may involve us working together in trance to find out the cause of your anxiety (not everyone consciously knows why they feel anxious).

This can involve using techniques such as regression work (regression to cause) and reframing or analysis for change, using guided journeys. Sometimes we may use Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing to help you process traumatic events that may be at the root of unwanted behaviour, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. It is often the case that a combination of techniques and approaches will help you.

All learning is reinforced with positive suggestions and imagination work, so that straightaway you can start seeing and feeling the benefits of change and begin to picture your future free of anxiety and worry.

Sometimes, it is not possible to totally get rid of anxiety (being realistic, sometimes we cannot easily just ‘get out’ of a situation in which we find ourselves) but it is very possible to reduce the anxiety you are experiencing to a level that will mean you can get on with daily life. I will teach you techniques (such as ‘tapping’ and self hypnosis) you can use yourself to help manage unwanted feelings, thoughts and behaviour.